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Dark Hearts Home Page

Marcia Nicklas
Home Page
New York

Hello everybody, This is all media Gaming, Anime, Cosplay Site, were everyone is welcome to join. I been working on this site for a month or so trying to make it perfection, the reason of course it to share my interest's and be on a page thats fun to use and show to others. My name is Marcia and a 18 year old girl. Dark Hearts name means Kurai Kokoro in Japanese and has allot of meaning to it. If you'd like to inform us about anything let me know on the Contact Page


As of right now I'm in need of some Fan Art submissions! If there good and worthy Ill be more then happy to put them up so let us know :) I will add some of my latest myself to start it up

Promoting Sites!!! is one of The greatest forums ever i been to really friendly and a fun site to be on go check it out I go by Moongirl22 on there.